ANTEY has a long history of working with demanding foreign markets.

During its experience, the company has reached stable high catch rates and

production of high-quality products, formed competent logistics and

achieved a positive reputation in the global market.



Fishing areas


Our Vessels are fishing in Okhotsk,

Bering and the Sea of Japan, the seas of Ross and Amundsen.




- Main markets -



 The traditional export destinations for ANTEY are






South Korea

Russian company supplies these countries with live and frozen crabs.


The Russian market is also perspective. In the local market ANTEY develops supplies of live crab and frozen products, chilled and frozen fish, deep processing goods



Blue crab (West Kamchatka, West-Berengovo subarea)

King Crab (West Kamchatka, Primorye)

Snow crab opilio (West Kamchatka, North Okhotsk Sea, West-Berengovo subarea, Karaginskaya subzone)

Snow crab Bairdi (West-Berengovo subzone, Karaginskaya subzone)

Snow crab angulatus (deep-sea) - East Sakhalin

Red Crab (Japanese Sea)

Brown crab (North Sea of Okhotsk)


Pacific salmon (sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, sea trout) – (West Kamchatka, East Kamchatka, East Sakhalin)

Codfish pacific (West Kamchatka, Kamchatka-Kuril subzone)

Pollack(West Kamchatka, Kamchatka-Kuril subzone)

Pacific saury – (North-Kuril region, South Kuril region)

Pacific smelt (West Kamchatka, Kamchatka-Kuril subzone)

Saffron cod(West Kamchatka, Kamchatka-Kuril subzone)

Plaice(West Kamchatka, Kamchatka-Kuril subzone)

Pacifc capelin(West Kamchatka)

Pacific mackerel

(South-Kuril district, Japanese zone, open part of the Pacific Ocean)

Far-east pilchard

South-Kuril district, Japanese zone, open part of the Pacific Ocean, Primorye)

Arctic Toothfish(Ross sea)

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