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- About us -



 ANTEY is one of the largest Russian companies in the Far East specializing in extraction and processing of crab and fish.


Our history is more than ten years of success.


During this time ANTEY has built the reputation of reliable and stable partner with a professional approach to work both in the field and in the market.


Responsible business, international cooperation and new vectors of constant development make our company modern, perspective and unique.

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- Crab fishery -



 ANTEY successfully produces and delivers crab products as well as alive catches to China, South Korea, Japan.



Crab harvesting in the cold Far Eastern seas is a complex and labor-intensive process. Therefore, the products produced on the ANTEY ships are highly valued on the global market and refer to the delicacy category.


The Russian company is developing not only the unique niches in foreign markets , but it also offers the best taste for healthy products to domestic consumer.



- Specialization -




- Fisheries -



 Fish production is another important area among activities of ANTEY. From year to year we are increasing quantities of our catches and expanding the list of fishing facilities.


Since 2010 ANTEY is developing new fishery areas of the open part of the World Oceans.



This is one of the few Russian companies which successfully represents the Russian Federation in the toothfish fishery in the seas of Antarctica.







ANTEY’s tomorrow:



- clear development program of production capacities


- buildup of the fishing fleet and the level of quotas


- expansion of new sales markets abroad and in Russia


- active role in the industry life


ANTEY is a part of the Association of Crab Obtainers in the Far East and strongly upholds the course of this association:





- Transparent, legal and efficient fishing builds to a positive image of the industry and a confidence in the markets.





- Voluntary commitments -



ANTEY equally with other members of the Association uses a system of minimum production volumes per vessel in its fleet.



It allows to calculate the time needed for a cost-effective harvest of crab, to control the work of ships and avoid violations.












- Cooperation -



A large joint work of the branch business and government agencies to combat illegal production and crab sales is conducted at the international level. Positive changes are confirmed by the statistics and the actual situation on the market.



Now the scale of IUU fishing in Russian waters is insignificant due to the high level of management and control. In recent years, there has been a steady growth trend in the total allowable catch of crabs.






- MSC-certification -



To show the compliance of domestic crab industries with modern requirements, Russian miners are preparing to be certified according to the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


The company "ANTEY" together with other members of the Association takes part in certification procedures for the production of three species of crabs in West Kamchatka – king crab, blue and snow crab Bairdi.


This is the first experience in the world in certification of such large populations of crabs.


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