9 may 2023


Victory Day: Murmansk residents were treated with an ear

Antey Sever carried out a large social program on the square of the Marine Station and with the support of the Government of the Murmansk Region.

Active participation in the life of the city is one of the important priorities of the social policy of Antey Sever. The company emphasizes that it is important not only to create jobs and pay taxes to the local budget, but also to maintain a comfortable urban environment.

“Murmansk is a hero city that keeps the memory of the defenders of the Arctic. We decided to make our contribution to the celebration of Victory Day. Of course, a traditional soldier’s dinner is porridge, but where, if not in our city, to treat guests with real fish soup. Our chefs have developed their own recipe, and cooking in the field kitchen gives the fish soup a special taste,” said Yury Bakalyar, general director of Antey Sever.

Three types of fish were used to prepare fish soup: cod, halibut and trout. It took more than 120 kilograms to cook one and a half thousand servings of fish soup. In addition, everyone could warm up with hot tea. All the guests were satisfied, and they promise to make fish soup from the field kitchen at Antey Sever regular.