30 november 2023


Instead of biology lessons, get to know live crabs!

At the request of the Murmansk Polytechnic Lyceum, eighth-graders were invited to join us on an excursion.

On the captain’s bridge of the crab catcher “Arka-31”, senior mate Arthur Rozhnov showed how to operate such a vessel, and already on the deck, Eduard Safronov, the senior mining foreman, introduced the guys to the specifics of crab fishing and, most importantly, to safety precautions.

The most long-awaited event for schoolchildren was their acquaintance with the work of our foster home – the “crab hotel”. It’s always a real explosion of emotions!

The practice of excursions from Antey North has already become a tradition; more and more educational institutions want to introduce schoolchildren to maritime professions. We always welcome guests, perhaps one of the guys will become part of our team in the future!