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1.Policy in the field of labor protection (hereinafter - the Policy of labor protection), is a public documented declaration of intent and guaranteed performance of duties to comply with state regulatory requirements for labor protection and voluntarily assumed obligations



2. The labor protection policy provides with:

a) priority of preservation of life and health of employees in the course of their work;

b) compliance of working conditions at the workplace with the requirements of labor protection;

c) implementation of consistent and continuous measures (activities) to prevent accidents and cases of deterioration of employee’s health status, occupational injuries and occupational diseases, including through professional risk management;

d) taking into account the individual characteristics of employees, including through the design of workplaces, equipment selection, tools, raw materials and materials, individual and collective protection equipment, construction of production and technological processes;

e) permanent upgrade and efficiency improvement of OSH (occupational health and safety management system);

f) obligatory involvement of employees, authorized by them representative bodies to participate in the management of labor protection and to ensure working conditions that meet the requirements of labor protection, through the necessary resources and encouragement of such participation;

g) personal interest in ensuring safe working conditions as far as possible;

h) implementation of other duties in the field of labor protection, based on the specifics of their activities.


3. The occupational safety and health policy includes:

a) regulations on compliance of working conditions at workplaces of the company (society) to requirements of labor protection;

b) the obligation of the company (society) to prevent injuries and health deterioration of employees;

c) regulations to take into account the specifics of the company (society) activities and the type (types) of economic activity that determine the level of professional risks of employees;

d) the procedure for operation improvement of the OSH.


4. In determining the Occupational Safety and Health Policy, the company (society) provides a preliminary analysis of the state of labor protection in the company (society) and the discussion of the Occupational Safety Policy together with employees and (or) their authorized representative bodies.


5. Labor protection policy should be accessible to all employees of the company (society).




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